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Uruguay seem to have a magic touch of creating attacking players. There was the goal-scoring machine Cavani, free-kick maestro Diego Forlan and also our very own Luis Suarez. And now trying to break into that list is a 21 year old player named Gaston Ramirez. He has proven his talent at Bologna scoring 8 goals and 4 assists in a season (better than any other midfielder in LFC). He has a mean free kick and the ability to dribble pass defenders.

He is valued at 16 million , which is a steal for such a young and talented player. His primary position is an attacking midfielder, where he can create many chances for Borini and Suarez. His dribbling skills will allow him to deliver a decent amount of 1-1 chances for the strikers. His ability to shoot from outside the box will leave defenders vulnerable to making the wrong choice (block him from taking the shot or block the possible pass). The added fact that he has the 2nd best goal scoring tally and third best assist tally means he is the second best player on the team, beating the likes of Diamanti and Aquafresca. 

Gaston Ramirez can also play as a winger, someone LFC desperately need if we don’t scoop up Dempsey. Since Downing has misfired the last season, Ramirez will get lots of first team chances at one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Gaston Ramirez has a keen eye for plays and opportunities, paired with Suarez’s skills, it could have a devastating effect. 

One of the biggest criticism is his off-the ball movement is restricted. I doesn’t make attacking runs that often and therefore is the player often substituted when in the lead for defensive purposes. He also is pretty weak and will find it hard to out muscle defenders. The fact that he committed the 2nd most fouls in the team despite being an attacking midfielder is an alarming fact. 

But considering you are paying a mere 16-17 million for a young and talented midfielder, Gaston is a steal unlike the unproven Joe Allen who is going for approximately the same price. I think Ramirez has the ability to fit into a LFC jersey and succeed. His partnership with his Uruguayan counterpart and Fabio Borini might be what Liverpool needs to qualify for the Champions League next season. 

--Ishan Rahul Welde



09/08/2012 05:00

too many grammatical errors bro :/

nonetheless, a good article. (Y)

09/08/2012 08:56

Sorry mate :( i know how annoying it can be.....will work on that!


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